Step 1: Go to Reservations Management menu.

Step 2: Click on Day Book


Step 3: On the Day Book, an empty room on the date you want to make the booking , the cell will be white and will show the amount of money in the white cell.

Step 4: Click on the white cell , a drop down box will show “Create Room Reservation” when click on “Create Room Reservation” the system will open up the guests Invoice.


Note: There are many fields you can add information in about this guest , you can decide how much information you want to save as a lot of information can be retrieved later for marketing and analysis, also each business manager can decide which cells he/she wants to make mandatory which will also be mandatory on the businesses web site ,the mandatory cells have a small red asterix *  besides the cell , the system will not let you save unless the red * cell has information in the cell , some cells will not allow alpha numerical combinations an example  the system will not let you put alpha characters in the phone number cell, 

Step 5: Once the mandatory cells are completed and you press the save button , the system saves to the data base and goes out to all the OTA’s you are connected to and automatically updates all the OTA’s . 

Note: The cell on day book will go red during the updating of the OTA’s and usually only takes a few minutes to update all the OTA’s , after its updated the cell then goes blue with the first 3 digits of the guests name in the cell , the cell will remain blue until the guests are checked in when it will turn green indicating guest have arrived and are checked in.

Besides making the reservation from the day box the drop down box gives you another option called “Create Reservation” which is the same procedure as Day Book reservation.